Voluntary Deferred Compensation Plans

Resources are available in this section for Employees looking to start the Retirement process. It is highly recommended that you come to Human Resources and pick up a Retirement Folder once you make the decision to move forward with retirement. There are time sensitivities with our office, the retirement boards, and with health insurance. Please make sure you are aware of what these restrictions and requirements are.

457(b) or 403(b)

School employees are eligible to participate in both a 457(b) and a 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA) plan at the maximum levels at the same time. Town employees may participate in 457(b) plans.

Eligible Employees

Any full time employee

Any permanent part-time employee

Any seasonal, temporary or similar part-time employee

Any elected or appointed official

Independent contractors are not eligible to participate in Town sponsored Deferred Compensation plans.

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2019 IRS Limits