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Posted on: February 17, 2017

Disposal of Expired and Unused Medications and Medical Syringes In Longmeadow


Disposal of Expired and Unused Medications and Medical Syringes 

In Longmeadow

    This is a reminder to Longmeadow residents in regard to the proper methods of disposal of unused or expired medications and medical syringes and other sharps.

Medications in Pill Form

     All medications in pill form may be dropped off at the medication kiosk located in the front lobby of the Longmeadow Police Station any time of day, any day.   Pills deposited in the kiosk should be contained in a pill box, secured plastic food storage bag, or some other small container.

Medications in Liquid, Gel, or Cream Form

     There is currently no special method available for disposal of medications in liquid, gel, or cream form.  To discourage unauthorized use of these medications by other individuals, it is suggested that these forms of medications be mixed with coffee grounds, kitty litter, or some other unpalatable substance in a food storage bag, coffee can, or other container and secured for disposal in the regular trash.

Disposal of Syringes and other Sharps

     State law bans the disposal of syringes and other sharps in household regular trash.  Residents who utilize sharps or syringes for medical treatments on an on-going basis will need to purchase special medical waste containers (“red boxes”) and pre-paid shipping cartons for mailing of used  sharps directly to a medical waste disposal company.  The Town will not be providing a collection site.   The sets containing medical waste containers and their shipping containers are available for sale at a subsidized cost from Carol Steiner, R.N., Public Health Nurse at the Greenwood Adult Center (i.e. Council on Aging), daily, 9:00A.M.-2:30P.M. 

    Kindly call Carol Steiner, R.N., Public Health Nurse (565-4154), if you have any questions regarding disposal of medication or sharps.

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