Posted on: July 28, 2017

West Nile Update: Risk Level for Human Disease Raised to "Moderate"


On August 7, 2017, the Mass. Dept. of Public Health notified the Longmeadow Board of Health that the West Nile Disease Risk Level for Longmeadow has been raised to “Moderate”. This action was taken as a common sense precaution in light of the positive West Nile test results for mosquitos trapped in several nearby cities/towns in Hampden County, including two samples from  East Longmeadow.

 There have beenno cases of West Nile Virus in humans  anywhere  in Massachusetts thus far this year.   


Given this elevation of risk level, the Board of Health reiterates its strong recommendation to  residents regarding the  employment of personal and environmental prevention measures in regard to exposure to mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus.  These recommendations are very important for residents of all age groups but especially for individuals 50 years of age or older who are at a higher risk of complications from West Nile Disease.


Kindly employ the following personal prevention measures:   

  • Avoiding outdoor activities from dusk to dawn, the time of day when mosquitos  carrying West Nile Virus  are most active
  •  Whenever possible when doing outdoor activities, wear long sleeved shirts and long pants  tucked into stockings.  
  • Apply E.P.A.-approved repellents before engaging in outdoor activities.  Repeat the application of repellents every four hours when outdoors.  Consult the website listed below for more information regarding types of approved repellents and special instructions for their use on infants (i.e. repellents should not be used for infants under two months of age; use of repellents  with concentrations of <30%of DEET for  older children ).   

The outdoor areas of your home also need attention to ensure that there are no accumulations of stagnant water that could serve as breeding locations for mosquitos.  Specific actions recommended include:

          1.  Clearing gutters of debris to allow unobstructed flow of water

          2.  Remove excess items in yards such as tires and items that hold water.  Empty flower pots,

                barrels, etc.

          3.  Refresh bird bath water at least twice/week.

          4.  Repair any screening that is not intact

 Kindly consult the following link from the Mass. Dept. of Public Health website for  more detailed guidance on West Nile Virus Disease and prevention measures



The Board of Health will update Town residents if there is any change in the risk level for our  Town, if additional prevention measures are recommended for residents , and  if any other mosquito control measures will be taken by the Town.   


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