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Board of Health Department

Posted on: July 6, 2018

Mosquitos and West Nile Disease Precautions

Longmeadow Boards of Health has received confirmation from state public health officials that mosquito samples collected in the Greater Springfield area have tested positive for West Nile Virus.

Residents are urged to follow the following precautions to protect themselves from mosquito bites from now through the first “hard” frost (approximately mid-October):      

  1. Apply insect repellent to any exposed skin when you are out of doors; repellents containing DEET and Picardin are considered the most effective.  DEET-containing repellents are not recommended for infants under two months of age; repellents containing DEET concentrations of no higher than 30% are recommended for older babies and toddlers.  It is suggested that parents consult with their pediatrician regarding the best type and concentration of repellent to apply on infants and small children.
    Permethrin is an effective repellent that is applied to clothing, rather than to the skin.
  2. Avoid outdoor activities at the times of day when the mosquitos carrying these diseases are most active, especially in the early morning hours and beginning at dusk through the hours of darkness until dawn. If possible, wear long sleeves, socks, and long pants when out of doors for extended time periods during these hours.
  3. Remove any sources of water around the home such as empty containers and barrels. Clean out bird baths twice/week. Clear blocked gutters.  Remove tires from outdoor area where they may trap rain water. Keep swimming pool circulation systems running continuously.
  4. Repair holes in screens

The following attachments provide additional information on repellents and personal protection against mosquito-borne illness.

The Boards will update the residents as  new mosquito surveillance information becomes available  or revised recommendations are issued during the remainder of the summer and early fall.

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