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This long-awaited opening of this spectacular new and state of the art facility deserves thanks and appreciation to numerous dedicated supporters and generous donors that turned this dream finally into a reality. The patience and perseverance of the Longmeadow community to see this project through completion demonstrates a commitment to better serving the older adult population. The Adult Center has a welcoming atmosphere, spacious rooms, beautiful interior design and other fine amenities. The programming and services offered will complement the aesthetics of the center as we will strive daily to meet your needs and interests. 

In accordance with its mission to meet the changing needs of the older adult community of Longmeadow, the Longmeadow Adult Center building use between 8am-4pm will be reserved for programs which benefit age 55+ only. Partnerships with groups or organizations wishing to provide programming for seniors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any group or instructor providing programming, where an entrance fee is charged, will be asked to contribute a portion as determined by the Director/Assistant Director.

We look forward to accepting rental applications in early 2022. A fee chart will be posted at that time. Rental availability and cost will be determined by the user category assigned by the Director/Assistant Director and in the following priority:

a.) Use by (1) the municipality or (2) by local groups and local non-profit organizations for programs that are solely for the benefit of Longmeadow seniors for non-commercial purposes only AND no entrance fee or membership fee can be charged.

b.) Use by non-profit tax-exempt organizations in Longmeadow or local groups whose membership is composed primarily of Longmeadow residents. Non-commercial purposes only.

c.) Use by any other non-profit organizations or groups outside of Longmeadow. Use must be for non-commercial purposes only. Verification of 501C(3) status may be required at the time of application.*

d.) All other uses including private and for-profit entities.*

*Category C and D: Users are required to furnish proof that they have a suitable liability insurance policy covering any and all claims. Such insurance shall provide for minimum claim coverage of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per event.

**Category B, C, and D: Users are required to pay an hourly Custodial Fee M-F and an hourly Overtime Custodial Fee on Saturdays, in addition to the hourly rental fee. Custodial fee is determined by Longmeadow Department of Public Works and is subject to change.

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