Tuberculosis (Tb) Tests

The Longmeadow Board of Health requires all new Longmeadow Public School employees who may have direct contact with students to provide documentation of testing for tuberculosis.

This testing must be performed within 90 days prior to employment.

Written results of TB skin tests performed by the Board of Health of your town of residence or at a physician’s office will also be accepted. Please note that you may be charged for testing at these sites.

New, or rehired, School Employees cannot start working until written documentation is received that he/she is free of the communicable form of tuberculosis.

Time Length
The test requires 3 days to obtain results. Individuals are tested and must return on the 3rd day after the test to have their tests “read” and obtain the required documentation.

Free Appointments
The Longmeadow Community Health Nurse, Carol Steiner, will perform this test free of charge, appointments are needed for the testing and reading results.